Londoner, Chicago Blues Aficionado, Food Lover, Wine Drinker, West Ham United sufferer, Self Deprecating Humanist.

who is ian.c?


Half Man Half Drum Monkey. Writer. Producer. Comedy Raconteur. Fashion Guru. Lover of Irony. Global Citizen.

what does ian.c do?


Playing Out Friday Night. Being Busy. Good Tunes. Smiling Faces. No Attitude. Travelling. Getting Paid. Getting In Monday Morning

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Being In Friday Night. Not Being Busy. EDM Nonsense. No Smiles. Attitude. Road Cones. Not Getting Paid. Getting Up Monday Morning

when did I see Ian.C?

Ian.C has built up a fantastic reputation as one of the worlds best live electronic music performers by playing at some of the best nights around the globe. Playing over the years at some of the biggest venues for the biggest brands including, Bacardi, MTV Tours, We Love.. Space in Ibiza (7 year residency), Arma 17 Moscow, The Heineken Arena Amsterdam, World Trade Center Dubai, Space Tours (worldwide parties), and of course, years ago (for for five years), touring the world as resident for Hed Kandi - Ministry of Sounds brand and commercial global phenomenon.

"I have been on the road for many years and it has been amazing to see so many varied countries from Colombia to Canada to Malaysia and China. It has also been a massive privilege to meet many many people from all walks of life who I wouldn't have met without doing what I love as a vocation."

"Ian C is an incredible musician and has such a natural feel when he plays. He drives the beat but doesn't overplay and is great to jam with. A complete professional and a lot of fun to hang out with too. I always look forward to working with him!" - Tara McDonald

Ian is embarking on a completely new path with his new 'baby' the 'Promises Project'. It has taken over six months to put the concept together and there is still a long way to go. Rest assured that once again Ian is going to turn some heads with his new vision

Thousands of performances in over forty countries and Ian is still pushing himself as a creative artist. Resting on laurels is never an option, stagnating in conformity just isn't going to happen. We hope you will come along for the ride!

Ian.C is a very well respected musician and has been for many years. As well as performing weekly at the biggest venues around the world and you'll always find him in various studios doing session work or producing his own original music.

Ian.C sets the standard for the 21st Century musician - Don't take our word for it..

“I never practice with Ian, never. I listened to him play at Space. He is the first percussionist to not get over the track and disturb the record. When he has to be silent he is silent. The way he keeps the beat is like a machine and melody with percussion is something I have not heard before. He is a humble guy to work with, I am pleased to know him and work with him." DJ Alfredo

Ian is a busy man, regularly gigging and recording around the world. Using state of the art electronic equipment (Roland V-Drums / Handsonic / SPDS / FX), he is respected e-drummer, percussionist and producer.

He has always constantly adapted and developed his craft as a world class club persussionist. He has an Artist Agreement with brand leaders Roland UK, contributes to the blog of clothing company Bench, has residencies with the worlds best clubbing institutions. He's currently developing ideas in the studio with both audio and video projects in progress, as well as guest spots, collaborations and session work across the globe.

Ian is always in high demand and recognised by most in the industry as a leader in his profession - for example, when Shovell from M-People isn't available for a gig he recommends Ian.

Endorsed by great brands and respected worldwide, Ian.C - Rhythm on Demand.

Based in a converted church in East London, Ian is also used to racking up the air miles, managing to play in over 40 countries (so far) and has performed on all continents except Australasia.

As well as being resident over the last seven years for legendary night We Love..Space in Ibiza, over the years Ian has also held long term residencies in Dubai and Moscow.

He has toured for number 1 club in the world Space and is regularly requested by the best names in the business. There are always enquiries coming in from as far afield as Russia, India and the Middle East.

Where ever you are based in the world we'd love to hear from you!

NOT WHEN - NOW! Having been a professional musician for all his adult life and music is his life. In today’s scene there are few performers playing as many events to as many varieties of electronic music.

"I have worked incredibly hard to get this system sounding so good. Whether it's in the super club, an underground club or a major tour venue I can be totally versatile within the DJ's environment - that is to say I'm not going to obstruct the DJ's path with kicks and brashness, but with subtlety, accompanying him or her and where ever possible try and enhance their set. With the Roland kit, I am comfortably playing right across the board musically from Tech or Deep House to Funky and soulful to Techno to Chilled."

..and just to confirm that..

"ian.c is a magician on percussion and he’s one of the only percussionists that I haven’t turned off on the mixer. Always in time, always smiling and attentive, a great team player unlike many other selfish percussionists that I have worked with in the past. He is the icing on the cake when you play a set!" - Clara Da Costa (Ibiza Sonica)

Last year Ian embarked on a new studio and live collaboration with highly acclaimed producer Pier Bucci. This culminated in the album 'Hopetown' and new audio-visual show which debuted at Space in Ibiza in front of 2000 people. Over the winter Ian has also developed the 'Promises Project' which is an entirely new music and video path for him to take. Watch this space for news on when these take to the road...


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Booking Ian for your event - The options

Forget the stereotype… forget the same pattern over and over - 1st Class live musician Ian.C uses the latest electronic drum technology and fx adapted and programmed to compliment the soundtrack of any event around the world. Seeing him lift the crowd at Space Ibiza and around the globe week in week out has made Ian.C synonymous with quality as a very innovative and experienced cutting edge house artist. He has performed in Arenas to thousands of people with a full electronic drum set up and played in more intimate suroundings using a smaller (and very effective) percussion system. . He can adapt his set up to suit your needs and budget.

Whatever you have in mind for your event, rest assured that Ian.C is one of the best in the business and brings a lot to the table. He has in fact never missed a gig in 20 years! He is an experienced professional with the best equipment and unique polished sound - he is the perfect addition to any credible event. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the options and we'll take it from there.

Working with Ian on other projects...

Okay, so performing at events with DJs is one thing. Ian has also a great deal of experience as a session artist and has undertaken all sorts of challenges working with artists as varied as Nightmares on Wax to Jenny Frost.. “It was a pleasure to work with Ian, he learned a 5 song set in less than 48 hours and delivered it perfectly and with a great vibe. He’s also a good lad to have on board. What more can I say?” Martin O’Shea – Manager, Atomic Kitten.. Ian has been a studio session artist as way back as when he regularly worked for The Lisa Marie Experience and continues to this day - If you have a session in mind - drop us a line - maybe Ian is the one for the job! Finally, Ian has many strings to his creative bow, you only have to see The Promises Project to see what he can achieve - whether it's music, video, graphics, art or multi-media, from concept to execution Ian has years of experience under his belt.

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Quotes from the best..

"I never practice with Ian, never. I listened to him play at Space in Ibiza. He is the first percussionst to not get over the track and disturb the record. When he has to be silent he is silent. The way he keeps the beat is like a machine and melody with percussion is something I have not heard before. He is a humble guy to work with, I am pleased to know him and work with him."
Balearic Beat Innovator DJ Alfredo.